Advanced Russian Language and Culture (Grades 7-9)


In our classes, the students who can speak and read in Russian (at the B1 or greater level, intermediate to advanced) learn Russian grammar, work on translations, discuss new vocabulary, get immersed and memorize poetry and learn about Russian culture. 

The first hour will focus on two core topics: grammar and poetics. Students will study fundamental elements of Russian grammar, complete oral and written exercises individually and in groups.  The second portion of this class will be dedicated to poetics. Students will memorize poems by classic and modern Russian poets, learn to identify common poetic elements, build their vocabulary and practice eloquent recitation techniques.

The second hour of the program will be dedicated to a combination of Russian literature and the study of many different elements of Russian culture – history, geography, music, art, etc, with discussion of historical context and major personalities.  The year will be broken up into units dedicated to each of these topics.

Both classes are part of one program and must be taken together.  Both hours will include written and oral elements, as well as fun games and interesting projects.

We assess all students' language abilities periodically to ensure appropriate group placement.​As part of the program, we prepare the students to participate in Russian language olympiads.


PREREQUISITE: To participate in this group, the students are required to have level B1 or above (intermediate to advanced) fluency in Russian. Class relies heavily on the children's ability to read and understand texts (5-10 pages) and requires some memorization of Russian poetry. 

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