art foundations



All supplies are provided by GKRS and included in the tuition price (besides common household items such as colored pencils)



The goal of our course is to expand the children’s artistic horizons by giving them a glimpse into the endless wealth of different, seemingly opposite, cultures. In the Fall, the kids will get acquainted with the most diverse manifestations of human genius – ranging from the indigenous Native American totems to the skyscrapers of Chicago and Manhattan; from the ancient Egyptian animal drawings to modern era bulls of the great Picasso. The students will learn about the work of Velazquez and Van Gogh, make traditional Indian mandalas out of paper, and so on. We will use a wide variety of techniques, including graphics, painting with acrylic paints, applique and collage.

Potential projects: 

  • Native Art - making a Totem Pole; animals, birds, fish

  • Skyscrapers - improvisation

  • Fall landscape

  • Halloween theme

  • Ancient Egypt Art

  • “Stained glass” - imitation

  • Van-Gogh “Sunflowers” rendition 

  • Velasquez’s “Las Meniñas" collage

  • Indian traditional Mandala 

  • Henri Rousseau, fantastic landscape - improvisation

  • Pablo Picasso, The Bull

Project materials/techniques: 

Watercolors, collage, acrylic, colored paper, pastels, Sharpies, etc. 


Later in the year, our "teachers" will be great painters and sculptors. Using various techniques, we will improvise on themes of architecture; create "your" Greek and Celtic ornaments. As always, we will observe nature and capture its miracles in our works, as well as deepen and expand the skills that we have already acquired in the depiction of images and their placement in space.