hands on exploration

At Golden Key Russian School, we recognize that there are many subject areas beyond Russian an Math to which we want to expose our students at this very exciting and creative time in their lives. Therefore, we designed a special program that present arts and crafts and technology to our students in an eye-opening, hands-on, age-appropriate, fun way.  

Art Exploration
Grades: PS-4

Our Art Foundations class focuses on enhancing children’s artistic potential and developing their vision and skills through following a careful step-by-step instructional format that guides them through the creative process. In class, we will work on the dynamics of line and color, explore simple basics of perspective and the interaction of shapes and elements. Using simple tools, children will be able to depict any animal, bird and plant, still life and landscape, and even human beings. In our program, we’ll richly use examples from classical and modern art, and while learning about its immense values, render it our "own." To learn more, click here. 

The Crafts class allows our students to  develop a discipline for following step-by-step instructions while exploring their creativity as they construct diverse and colorful crafts. In class we follow the teacher's guidance while we cut and glue, sew and carve, and sculpt with modeling clay and color to create our crafts. Hand-eye coordination along with hand skills  mastery are an important part of the creative learning process. The teacher an assistant are there to guide the students with their craft creation. 

This class is currently not offered. 
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Grades: 1-4
Grades: 1-5

We found a logical extension of our Math curriculum into lego robotics, where the understanding of Math principles is important. In the lego robotics class our students learn to construct and operate robots with legos and programming software on their ipads. Under the careful guidance of the teacher and class assistants, the students follow step-by-step on-screen instructions to build their robots, and then write suggested programs to get their robots to perform specific tasks. The course consists of a series of lessons that help build a student's understanding of technology and how their decisions in constructing their robots affect what their robots will do.