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It is hard to imagine a better way to develop language skills than having to speak (and sing!) in that language in front of an audience. This is the main reason why we created the Musical Theater class.

Musical Theater is open to students in Kindergarten and older.  Selection of materials for each term will be communicated in September and January.

In 2017-18, students staged a full-length play, Snow Queen, at our Yolka Holiday Party in December, and a fun play based on Krylov's fables in the spring.  Click on the links below to view videos of our performances.


  • Your child wants to be there! In order for everyone to have a good experience and for the play to be a success, your child must be willing to memorize lines, participate in rehearsals and perform on stage. 

  • You are willing to put in the time to learn the lines with your child. We will be rehearsing in class every week, but we can only be successful if you practice with your child at home. We will try to make it as easy as possible by providing a recording of the script and the lyrics, so you can listen to them while driving or doing chores around the house.
  • Commitment -please check as it varies depending on the performance plan. 

Instruction and script is in Russian. 

International Women's Day Talent Show details: 

Participation in the talent show is completely optional – those who don’t want to be on stage are welcome to come and watch. Over the years, our show participants ranged from 3 years in age to adults! Parents are welcome to join their kids on stage if they choose to as well. After the show, as always, we will have crafts and games for everyone. If your child is enrolled in the Musical Theater class, they may sign up for an additional act outside of the Theater performance. 

If your child DOES wish to participate as a performer, please read the details below to sign up. 

IMPORTANT: Please start practicing your act with your child(ren) as soon as possible - we will be rehearsing throughout the next weeks and want to give the kids a chance to participate and do really well at the show.

  • Please register each ACT separately through the GKRS Online Act Information Form by Fri, February 1st. One registration is sufficient for each act, even if multiple children are participating in it. If two children/groups independently register to perform the same song, dance or poem, we may ask the kids to either perform together, or the later registrant to change his/her act. Your child will need to be able to roughly perform his/her act by class on February 3. It does not need to be memorized yet, but we should be able to see how the act will be shaping up. 

  • We ask that all acts make use of the kids' Russian skills (no instrumental music or other acts without words).  Examples of acceptable acts include songs, poems, or skits. If you need ideas for a poem or a song, don’t hesitate to ask!

  • All words in your act need to be in RUSSIAN.

  • 1 act per child (including group acts) and group acts are strongly encouraged. Kids can also perform together with their parents if they prefer. 

  • Acts should be no longer than 2 minutes in length – if yours is too long, we will help you cut it down.

  • If your act has music, please let us know your choice as soon as possible so we can help figuring out a rehearsal soundtrack for you. 

  • Bring any instruments and props needed for your act to each rehearsal. We will notify you of rehearsal dates. Depending on the number of acts, we might also need to ask you to videotape your child's act and send us the video for review in case we don't get a chance to review all the acts more than once. 

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