Our philosophy and approach can be summarized in a small phrase – age-appropriate play-based learning coupled with language immersion.  At the Golden Key Russian School, we hire teachers who are not just native Russian speakers but also experts in their respective fields. Our teachers believe in pushing the envelope and developing creative methodologies that allow children to learn and enjoy the process at the same time.


We have developed a multi-disciplined curriculum that is interactive and play-based in every subject, be it Russian language, math, theater, science or art.  When you visit our classrooms, you may notice that they aren’t set up as typical classrooms but rather as interactive learning environments. Only a portion of the time is spent sitting at a desk; the rest of the time, the children jump, dance, play games, build and create.


Most of our classes are taught in Russian, with the goal of helping our students maintain and develop their language skills.  An essential part of every class is interaction between the students, which enables them to build up their language skills in an accepting and comfortable environment. As parents of bilingual children ourselves, we know how critical it is to make the Russian language and culture be relevant for our children, and not just be something that mom and dad want them to learn. Through our program, we try to expand our students’ context of Russian beyond being the language spoken at home.


Our school’s vision is not only to provide high-quality class offerings in Russian, but also to create a community for our students (and for the parents) to interact in Russian with one another, to participate in engaging and enriching activities, and to make friends. We try to give our students a reason for why they want to learn Russian and make Russian a living language relevant to their lives.

Our Approach

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