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Class information:

  • This fee is for students who started their classes after the start of the trimester and need their fees prorated. The price for hour-long classes is $33/class, for 45-min class is $28/class and for 30-min classes is $16.50/class.
  • You need to select the number of classes equal to the number of classes left in the trimester (as discussed with GKRS administration). 
  • You cannot take weeks off or get discounts off the remainder of the semester once your enrollment commences.
  • Check calendar for class dates


Program discounts:

  • No coupons on multiple classes apply for prorated terms. 

  • There are no additional discounts for siblings.



  • All class supplies besides household staples (scissors, pencils, etc.) will be provided by the school free of charge and available for pickup locally or shipped to you by USPS mail (shipping fee included in tuition payment) upon receipt of tuition. 

  • Parents will be responsible for printing classwork and homework files.


Tuition policy notes:               

  • Tuition is payable by credit card via PayPal after registration. 

  • If you plan to miss a class, you may request the class to be recorded for your child to review independently. 

  • Payment plan options available - contact us if you need a payment plan due to financial circumstances.

  • Classes cancelled by the school will be made up or refunded by GKRS.


Trial class policies:

  • No payment is necessary before attending trial class. However, group selection priority is reserved for paid registrations. Unpaid registrants will be asked to join a group where space is available if the group they selected is full with paid registrations. 

  • Tuition for trial class will be added if you decide to enroll.

  • No payment is necessary if you decide NOT to enroll after trial class.

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