About our multi-disciplined curriculum


To fulfill our mission of supporting Russian-English bilingualism, many of our classes are taught in Russian, with the goal of helping students maintain and develop their language skills. 


At GKRS, we also strongly believe in the value of a multi-disciplined curriculum. It has been our experience that students benefit greatly from simultaneous exposure to important and stimulating subjects grouped together and serve to broaden their horizons beyond the school program. In addition, our multi-discipline approach helps our students develop strong bonds within the GKRS community, make friends and feel comfortable in the classroom.


Junior Russian immersion program (Hours vary)

  • Classes include -

    • Teremok (age 2-3) - parent and child general education class

    • Kolobok (Pre-K): combination of Russian Language and Math Mosaic in Russian

Russian immersion program (Grades K-4) - two or three-class program 

  • Program names

    • Grade K - Cheburashka

    • Grade 1-2 - Umka

    • Grade 2-3 - Gorbunok

    • Grade 3-4 - Vinnie Pukh

  • Combination options 

    • Russian, Math Mosaic, Arts and Crafts​

    • Russian, Math Mosaic

    • Russian, Arts and Crafts

  • Program classes

Russian immersion program (Grades 5-7) - three-class program 

  • Program names

    • Grade 5-7 - Buratino

  • Combination options 

    • Russian (2 hours) , Math Mosaic

  • Program classes

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