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We are very proud of our unique math program at the Golden Key Russian School.  The key objective of our math classes is to instill a curiosity and love for the beautiful and rich subject of mathematics at an early age. To that end, we don’t do many drills or plow through piles of worksheets.  Instead, we solve logic puzzles, construct cool patterns, hide in the function machine, create symmetrical butterflies, build with blocks, have dice competitions and play games.  Don’t be fooled – in the process, the children are introduced to fascinating and complex mathematical topics such as geometry of numbers, probability, functions, algebra and many others at an age-appropriate level (yes – five year olds can understand the concept of a function or solve an equation!). We strive to teach our students that, contrary to what they’re often told in traditional math classes, the key to math is comprehension, not memorization. The students learn that there can often be multiple right answers and approaches to solving almost any problem.  As such, our students also gain confidence in their mathematical abilities, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate an appreciation for a subject that is often portrayed as dry and boring in school.


The subject for Kolobok is taught in Russian. Instruction for all other groups is in English - follow link for more information


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