GKRS Virtual Summer Classes! 

  • Choose between 5 subject options 

  • Six-week session: July 6 through August 16

  • Tuition due by Sunday, June 28

Program descriptions


Ages 2 to 6th grade

Our Russian language program is age and level specific. The entire class regardless of group is conducted in Russian without any translation. In the youngest  group, Teremok, kids learn to answer basic questions, sing Russian songs, and build up vocabulary while the group of early middle schoolers, Buratino, focuses on reading and comprehension, grammar rules, translation and conversational Russian. MORE

Teachers:  Feruza, Natalia, Daria


2nd to 6th grade

In our new "Reading fiction" classes, students will read and analyze a piece of modern literary fiction. We will discuss basic elements like plot, setting and character development, as well as literary techniques used by the author, and complete projects based on the work. All reading will be done out loud in class. MORE

Teachers:  Yulia


Pre-K to 3rd grade

Our Art Foundations class focuses on enhancing children’s artistic potential and developing their vision and skills through following a careful step-by-step instructional format that guides them through the creative process. In class, we will work on the dynamics of line and color, explore simple basics of perspective and the interaction of shapes and elements. Using simple tools, children will be able to depict any animal, bird and plant, still life and landscape, and even human beings. In our program, we’ll richly use examples from classical and modern art, and while learning about its immense values, render it our "own."  MORE

Teachers:  Hanna


Pre-K to 6th grade

Our Math Mosaic Circles is a place for elementary school students to explore exciting mathematical topics and problems. It combines the strong Russian math circle traditions of asking challenging, open-ended questions with the best hands-on elements of American elementary school enrichment. MORE

Teachers:  EkaterinaNancy, Sasha, Tatiana T, Yulia


K to 6th grade

Chess is not just a game played by moving thirty-two pieces around a sixty-four-square board. There are many important personal and intellectual qualities that young children can acquire by studying chess. This summer, we are excited to offer our students the opportunity to learn this ancient game.  MORE

Teachers:  Jamshid

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