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Welcome to the Golden Key Russian School!


We invite students age 2 through 9th grade who are interested in a cultural immersion through a broad curriculum of Russian-language classes, to join our school community.  Our educational services help families maintain a connection to their Russian language and culture. Our current families value their heritage and would like to pass it on to their children. To these families, their children’s ability to speak Russian matters, like it did to our school’s founder, Yulia Shpilman. 


Yulia was born in Moscow and immigrated to the United States after the Soviet Union broke up, at the age of ten.  While she grew up in Philadelphia and completed most of her education in English, Russian remained her native tongue and, with the help of her parents, she was able to maintain her speaking, reading and writing skills and stay closely connected to the Russian culture and literary traditions.


Once Yulia became a mother herself, she wanted to pass her culture on to her children. To accomplish that goal, Yulia started the Golden Key Russian School in January 2013 with two very important clients in mind – her sons, 3 and 1 years old at the time.  Her initial goal was to create a program that would help her children become bilingual in English and Russian and to create an environment where they could interact in Russian outside of their immediate family.  Because she comes from a very math-oriented household, Yulia believed that there was also an opportunity to expose children to broad and complex mathematical ideas in an age-appropriate and hands-on way. Therefore, as part of her program, Yulia also decided to offer a play-based math class for young children.


Several years later, what started initially as a one-hour class in the basement of her house has grown into a comprehensive Russian language and mathematics enrichment program for children - a program with exceptional teachers that is unique to the Philadelphia area. 


Our students' families are far from homogenous. In some families, Russian is the primary language spoken in the home while in others little Russian is spoken outside of our school.  Some children in our program speak Russian fluently and others have had minimal exposure to the language.  Regardless of the students’ skills, one thing is true about all the families whose kids are enrolled in our program. All of them share an interest in learning more about the Russian language, culture and heritage.


If your family values a high-quality education in Russian conducted in a nurturing and engaging environment, and you are curious about novel, hands-on approaches to learning, and are closely involved in your children’s education, we would love to see you at our school!


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